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Monday, August 24, 2015

"Al-Turn-It" Timing Screw News Release

Manufacturers turn to Kinsley Inc. to help stay ahead of the industry’s demand for innovative packaging. Using advanced timing screw technology, Kinsley has revolutionized the container handling industry, delivering an unmatched level of machine flexibility and production line efficiency. Headquartered in Doylestown, Penn., Kinsley is a leading manufacturer of timing screws and drives, combiners and dividers and other precise, value-adding packaging equipment.

At PACK EXPO 2010, Kinsley is unveiling its new Oscillating Swing Divider, and once again demonstrating how to put operators in control of an operation. Dividers are traditionally static devices. They take product in and dispense it in a pre-determined, fixed manner. If one line that the divider is feeding goes down, both lines usually have to shut down because the divider cannot quickly adjust to send all incoming bottles to the remaining active line.

The new divider from Kinsley, however, is programmable – offering users the flexibility to move products into an even or odd number of lanes. “The swing divider can separate products into two or more lanes at the touch of a button, opening the door to numerous, productivity-boosting options,” said Dave Hanson, senior engineer, Kinsley.

The divider sits above the conveyor and is designed to control each container until it is released into the appropriate lane. A swing arm oscillates back and forth and stops at each corresponding lane, unlike swing paddles that can jam and knock containers over. Constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts, the swing divider fits in a compact 16 in x 30 in footprint and handles up to 300-350 products per minute. “Traditional dispensers have fixed ratios, but our new line is fully programmable – giving the manufacturer ultimate flexibility in deciding where products can go,” said Hansen.“For example, if a sleever or wrapper is malfunctioning,operators can divert product traffic in real-time to another machine.”

Key to the machine’s flexibility is the timing screw technology from Kinsley and a Rockwell Automation control solution. Leveraging an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 programmable logic controller (PLC) and a PanelView™ touchscreen human machine interface (HMI) from Rockwell Automation, product configuration changes can be accommodated in 10 minutes or less. The machine’s servo-based control solution, featuring an Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 servo drive and MP-Series™ low-inertia (MPL) servo motor, helps maintain smooth and accurate control of the swing arm. An optional Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® programmable automation controller (PAC) is available for high-axes motion control applications. “The Rockwell Automation control solution is easy to use,” said Hansen. “Our customers will appreciate the technology and the versatility, flexibility, speed and accuracy it enables in our new line of dividers.”


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